ETI0005-1065 Standard NEMA Enclosure

Part Number: ETI0005-1065, 12 VDC Rugged NEMA UPS

PowerStation™Isolated UPS Rugged NEMA, Modular Power System

Electrical disturbances can create problems in the AC power that runs your equipment. It can create havoc in the sensitive electronic or computer equipment you depend on. Equipment can operate erratically and hardware and software can be damaged. Computer files can be garbled or lost. The Energy Technologies' PowerStation On-Line Uninterruptible Power System will help you overcome these problems by providing better quality power for your equipment, conditioning the AC input and maintaining a constant regulated voltage with no battery drain. If the AC power is lost, it will keep your equipment running without interruption long enough for an orderly shutdown. The PowerStation is a True On-Line UPS with the inverter always supplying a clean regenerated sine wave to your load.

ETI0005-1065 Standard NEMA Enclosure

The Energy Technologies' ETI0005-1065 Redundant DC UPS operates as an on-line Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) and provides the following capabilities:

Total Intelligent Protection Innovative microprocessor control makes the Redundant DC UPS the most intelligent On-Line UPS system available today. The Redundant DC UPS offers NO switching time that eliminates the most remote chance of data loss from dangerous power gaps. Redundant DC UPS true On-Line design continuously powers the load with regenerated clean sine wave power. It protects all attached equipment and data full-time against damaging sags, glitches, brownouts, surges, spikes, over voltages, and EMI/RFI noise, as well as blackouts. The Redundant DC UPS provides fully redundant DC power conversions and fully redundant battery backup power virtually eliminating single point failures within the power train.

ETI0005-1065 Standard NEMA Enclosure Brownout Regulation Without Battery Drain The Redundant DC UPS protects your equipment against sustained brownouts and over voltages indefinitely. Even when the input drops or rises beyond normal limits, the Redundant DC UPS regulates the output without any battery drain. This prevents nuisance alarms and shutdowns caused by the UPS that drain the battery during brownouts. The Redundant DC UPS also ensures that full battery capacity is available to handle blackouts that follow brownouts.

Integrated Line Isolation The Redundant DC UPS incorporates a fully rated Isolation Transformer in the same chassis as the UPS, saving rack space and cabling while improving overall reliability. This transformer separates the input power from the output power, which is critical in applications such as shipboard or locations where grounding is in question.

Serviceability The Redundant DC UPS internal design is modular. Internally, the Redundant DC UPS contains a Battery Module and a Power Supply Module. Both the Battery Module and the Power Supply Module are equipped with captive hardware designed to improve service time. The Power Supply Module also contains a Test Point Panel, which allows quick and easy access points to test the Redundant DC UPS.



Output voltage: 12 VDC
Output rating: UPS 2.5 Amps

Output Voltage Regulation: UPS: + 2.0% Dynamic
Overload surge capacity: 3.4 Amps
Ripple: 1% peak to peak
Operational status: AC Fail & on Battery


Input voltage selection: 120 VAC Single Phase
Input voltage tolerance: UPS +15% -25% of nominal input ratinig
Input/output isolation: Up to 120 dB common mode attenuation
Input Transient Suppression: Meets ANSI C62.41 1980, IEEE 587 standards
Input Control/Protection: Internal AC Power Switch (S1) w/ mounted fuses (F2A, F2B)
Input Frequency: UPS 47-70 Hz
Input power connection: Terminal Block TB1


Type: Maintenance free immobilized electrolyte, 24VDC Flame retardant materials (Oxygen Index 28+)
Quantity per Battery Module: 4 x 2
Backup Power Time: 8 Hours
Battery life: Rated for continuous service life of 5 years
DC protection: Internal mounted fuses (F1A, F2B)


Output Curcuits: Terminal Block TB1
Output Receptacles: Terminal Block TB1


Dimensions: 26.00 in. L x 13.53 in. H x 16.00 in. W
Weight: 71 lb
Audible noise: Less than 47 dB @ 5.0 ft., ANSI "A" scale
Cooling type: Convection


Storage temperature:  -4° to 122° F ambient  (-20° to 50° C)
Operating temperature: -22° to 122° F ambient  (-30° to 50° C)
Operating humidity: 0 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Storage elevation: Up to 40,000 ft. (12,192 m), higher optionally
Operating elevation: Up to 10,000 ft. (3,048 m), higher optionally
Operating Clearance: 1"-2" clearance from bottom of unit


United States: Meets UL-1778 standard for UPS equipment, MIL STDs 810, 454 & 1399 Shock/Vib/Electrical
Canada: CSA C22.2 No. 107 UPS safety requirements
EMI Protection: EMI/RFI FCC, Class A, opt MIL STDs 461 & 462


  Rack mounting, Dual Source Input, Battery Expansion Units, Power Distribution Units, Software Interfaces and Transport Cases
ETI0005-1065 Standard NEMA Enclosure in an example rooftop Configuration
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